About Us

Welcome to the Gadget Gals website. Since the early 1990's, nearly a dozen Gadget Gals have contributed a prolific flow of consumer electronics and computing product reviews, plus commentary on travel, entertainment, books, and leisure activities targeted at women. Gadget Gals are the ultimate consumers, the early adopters, and the first to embrace gender-friendly products and ideas.

According data published by the Consumer Electronics Association:

  • Women are involved in 89 percent of all consumer electronics purchase decisions.
  • Women spent $55 billion of the $96 billion spent on electronics gear in 2003.
  • 48 percent of women age 18-34 own a digital camera.
  • 40% of Radio Shack's customers are female compared to 20% seven years ago.
  • 30% of women consider themselves early adopters.

Gadget Gals content now appears in a variety of publications and broadcast medium, with a growing number of articles targeted at women’s interest media. Our analysts and reviewers also deliver presentations at technology industry conferences and events of interest to women.