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Gadget Gals founders, Dana McCoy, Dena Wiley and Vicci Haskins (pictured to the right), have been reviewing and writing about technology, events, and entertainment since the early 90's.

During the past year, the Gadget Gals team has grown to include editors and reviewers living on multiple continents speaking numerous languages. Gadget Gals include full-time and part-time editors and writers covering a travel, entertainment, media, and technology, all from a woman's perspective.

Are you interested in having your product or service reviewed by the Gadget Gals? Are women part of your target market? Do you need help with field studies and consumer feedback?

Press Releases:
If you already have a primary contact reviewing your product or service, please send the releases via email directly to your contact. If you have not yet been assigned a reviewer, we prefer to receive press releases via email, sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

In Writing:
Please address all invoices and correspondence to:
Gadget Gals
2150 W Alameda #1284
Phoenix, AZ 85085

By Phone:
Call 800-854-GALS for general information on Gadget Gals content, events, and reviews. If you have been assigned a reviewer, please contact the reviewer directly regarding your product. If a reviewer has not been assigned, or if you are calling about a trade show we are attending, we would prefer that you communicate via email.

If you are shipping a technology product for review, please ship directly to your assigned reviewer (most work out of their home). If you are working with one of our remote editors, please call 800-854-GALS for the correct shipping address.