The Editors

Dana McCoy, Senior Editor
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Dana McCoy is the alternative media and platform editor for Gadget Gals. Equipped with an extensive and diverse test lab in her basement, Dana conducts Gadget Gals reviews of non-Microsoft technologies from Apple, Palm, and others. Dana also reviews family-oriented books, movies, theater, and events, and comments on the roles of women in the family, the community, and the workplace.


Dena Wiley, Senior Editor
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After many years of experience commenting on the Vegas entertainment scene, Dena Wiley began reviewing consumer electronics technologies for Gadget Gals in 2003. A long-time resident of Nevada, Dena is a regular at technology conventions and trade shows held in Nevada and California and continues to write entertainment reviews of new Las Vegas shows and events.


Vicci Haskins, Senior Editor
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Vicci Haskins is the Senior Editor in Charge and Project Manager for Gadget Gals, and oversees all content development and editorial assignments. Prior to taking the reigns at Gadget Gals, Vicci's background included leadership roles in software training and developing content for print, online and broadcast media covering diverse technology and travel topics.


DanaLynn Swartz, Editor/Writer
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Dana has wide-ranging professional experience spanning more than 20 years as a writer and entertainer. In her role as staff entertainment writer, Dana manages book and movie editorials, and covers a variety of live performance arts. Often supported by her teenage daughters when covering technology reviews, Dana also writes about consumer electronics from a non-technical woman's perspective.


Jessica Nicole, Editor/Writer
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Jessica is the youngest member of the Gadget Gals editorial team, writing travel and portable technology reviews and covering new media topics.  Jessica's travels have included destinations in all four hemispheres, sometimes staying in five-star resorts and youth hostels in the same trip.


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T-Mobile Dash: Weak PDA or Powerful Phon…

Cell Phones Vicci Haskins Hits:14220

T-Moblie's newest phone suffers a bit from being caught in the middle of the road a bit. As a phone, it is enormously powerful and maybe a bit too complex...

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Dell 3200MP Projector

Computers Dana Swartz Hits:12962

The Dell 3200MP is practically unbeatable. This DLP projector's lightweight design makes it easy to carry between home and your business or school. Adequate brightness and a proficient remote control...

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Cavalia - Cirque du Equestrine

Concerts Vicci Haskins Hits:12208

The most mesmerizing Las Vegas supershow in isn't in Las Vegas at all, at least not yet... Yes, we are speaking of Cavalia, the equestrine version of Cirque du Soleil, which...

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LG Migo VX1000

Cell Phones Jessica Nicole Hits:9587

When Verizon announced that they would be adding the LG Migo VX1000 to their impressive 2005 line-up, it raised some eyebrows. Clearly aimed at the 10-and-under crowd, the phone was...

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Ugobe Pleo - A Robotic Pet Dinosaur

Emerging Tech Ricki Lee Hits:9214

At Demo 2006 in Phoenix Arizona, the creator of the Furby announced the birth of an artificial life form called Pleo, welcomed into the world by 700 white-shirted venture capitalists...

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T-mobile's Motorola RIZR Z3

Cell Phones Jessica Nicole Hits:7450

The Motorola RIZR Z3 by T-mobile is a lightweight, fairly priced, stylish device. Weighing in at just under four ounces, while still a slim phone, the RIZR Z3 is a...

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Panasonic's W5 Toughbook

Computers Jessica Nicole Hits:7376

From the moment I laid eyes on Panasonic’s CF-W5 Toughbook I was in heaven. Having previously owned a 17” 12lb laptop I constantly had to lug the thing around from...

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LG CE110 Cell Phone

Cell Phones Chelsea Wiley Hits:7047

The LG CE110 is a sporty, lightweight, slim phone targeted at a young generation of cell phone user who are expecting new features in a flip phone. Most would consider...

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Swissbit Victorinox USB Swiss Army Knife

MP3 Players Jessica Nicole Hits:6854

On the very top of our 2006 Gadget Gals favorite gift list is the Victorinox USB Knife by Swissbit of Switzerland. This product marks the first time that a "real...

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A New Day

Vegas Shows Dena Wiley Hits:6754

Having lived in Las Vegas for most of my life, I have seen just about all of the big production shows. Without question, Celine's show tops my list of personal...

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Nokia E62 Gets Our Nod for Best Internet…

Cell Phones Dena Wiley Hits:6709

The Nokia E62's big-button full QWERTY keyboard makes it one of our favorite PDA phones, and while the processor is a bit slow and the operating system takes a some...

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SAITEK Cyborg 5.1 Gaming Headset

Computers J. Clancy Hits:6359

The Saitek Cyborg 5.1 is a gaming headset that which is also great for home audio and video entertainment, any audio source that is Dolby 5.1 compatible. We tested it...

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Cirque du Soleil "La Nouba"

Concerts Jessica Nicole Hits:6357

From start to finish Cirque du Soleils "La Nouba" is saturated with riveting, jaw-dropping performances. The show is housed in a glowing "Big Top" theater in the heart of Downtown...

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Websites Ricki Lee Hits:6349

One of the darlings of the Demo 2006 conference this year was a small start-up company called, named after the daughter of founder Munjal Shah. When I visited Munjal's...

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Altec Lansing’s inMotion iM3

MP3 Players Dana McCoy Hits:6335

The Altec Lansing iM3 is a must have for any iPod user who travels - whether it be from state to state, country to country, or room to room within...

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Kyocera Lingo M1000

Cell Phones Chelsea Wiley (age 14) Hits:6298

The Kyocera Lingo M1000 is the first cell phone with a full QWERTY keyboard to be offered by Cricket.  There are a few other features that I was impressed with like the...

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DLO Transpod FM

MP3 Players Dana McCoy Hits:6210

There are many solutions on the market today for taking your iPod along with you in the car, but this little 'gadget' may be the easiest, most convenient solution. What...

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Juice Multi-Charger

Emerging Tech Ricki Lee Hits:5820

Christmas is around the corner and it is time to start on our 2005 Christmas Gadget-Gals Wish List. For 2005, our first addition is the Juice Multi-Charger introduced earlier this...

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Nterra NanoChromatics

Emerging Tech Ricki Lee Hits:5688

For years, we have been reading the promise of paper-white electronic displays, a future of books and newspapers with ink-on-paper readability delivered on super-thin LCD displays. For the tree-huggers among...

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Concord 5340z Digital Camera

Cameras Jessica Nicole Hits:5532

Most of all, the Concord’s 5340z digital camera impressed me with it’s ease of use. The instruction manual, although brief, was easy to read and understand. Because of the idiot...

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