Fit Bit

05-06-2014 Hits:3113 Health & Fitness Vicci Haskins - avatar Vicci Haskins

The FitBit Tracker is a very small health and fitness monitoring device designed to track your fitness and health activities 24 hours a day.  The device, designed to clamp over...

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SAITEK Cyborg Commander Unit

14-04-2014 Hits:4545 Computers J. Clancy - avatar J. Clancy

I enjoyed using the Commander Unit immensely. The device was sturdy, very comfortable and had a natural feel. It works extremely well with a notebook pc that lacks a number...

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T-Mobile Dash: Weak PDA or Powerful Phon…

09-04-2014 Hits:12711 Cell Phones Vicci Haskins - avatar Vicci Haskins

T-Moblie's newest phone suffers a bit from being caught in the middle of the road a bit. As a phone, it is enormously powerful and maybe a bit too complex...

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New Orleans Update

14-02-2014 Hits:4431 Romantic Getaways Vicci Haskins - avatar Vicci Haskins

Two years ago this time, we were delighted to spend a full week in New Orleans touring the sites, visiting the attractions, eating the food, and sharing this wonderful city...

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DLO Transpod FM

28-12-2013 Hits:5120 MP3 Players Dana McCoy - avatar Dana McCoy

There are many solutions on the market today for taking your iPod along with you in the car, but this little 'gadget' may be the easiest, most convenient solution. What...

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The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown

20-12-2013 Hits:3768 Books Ricki Lee - avatar Ricki Lee

Soon to be a movie starring Tom Hanks, this best-selling author deserves a second look. In The DaVinci Code, Dan Brown takes us beyond the main plot and leads us...

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Logitech Z-5450 Digital Speakers

15-12-2013 Hits:4477 Digital Living Room Vicci Haskins - avatar Vicci Haskins

No more running cables or tripping over speaker wires. Logitech's new 315 watt wireless speaker system offers an instant surround sound solution for both the office and home environments.

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The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant

14-11-2013 Hits:3762 Books Ricki Lee - avatar Ricki Lee

From a pure fictional point of view, I truly enjoyed this new book by Anita Diamant. The female characters were well drawn, the prose was almost lyrical, the plot moved...

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LG CE110 Cell Phone

08-11-2013 Hits:5652 Cell Phones Chelsea Wiley - avatar Chelsea Wiley

The LG CE110 is a sporty, lightweight, slim phone targeted at a young generation of cell phone user who are expecting new features in a flip phone. Most would consider...

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Juice Multi-Charger

28-10-2013 Hits:4831 Emerging Tech Ricki Lee - avatar Ricki Lee

Christmas is around the corner and it is time to start on our 2005 Christmas Gadget-Gals Wish List. For 2005, our first addition is the Juice Multi-Charger introduced earlier this...

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Orlando - Howey-in-the-Hills

14-10-2013 Hits:3866 Romantic Getaways Vicci Haskins - avatar Vicci Haskins

Our latest trip to Orlando drew us out of the city to stay at the fabulous Mission Inn, 40 miles north in the township of Howey-in-the-Hills. In addition to the...

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Disneyland - A Kid's Perspective

08-10-2013 Hits:4205 Family Travel Lauren and Chelsea - avatar Lauren and Chelsea

The Gadget Gals took two of the youngest and newest writers to Disneyland with us in 2003 and both submitted articles for our website. Below thier individual experience and perspective...

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The Road Less Traveled, by Scott Peck

12-09-2013 Hits:3971 Books Ricki Lee - avatar Ricki Lee

It is hard to believe that Scott Peck's classic is already 25 years old, for the principles contained in this volume are as relevant today as they ever were. From...

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Nokia E62 Gets Our Nod for Best Internet…

10-09-2013 Hits:5518 Cell Phones Dena Wiley - avatar Dena Wiley

The Nokia E62's big-button full QWERTY keyboard makes it one of our favorite PDA phones, and while the processor is a bit slow and the operating system takes a some...

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Altec Lansing’s inMotion iM3

01-09-2013 Hits:5293 MP3 Players Dana McCoy - avatar Dana McCoy

The Altec Lansing iM3 is a must have for any iPod user who travels - whether it be from state to state, country to country, or room to room within...

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San Francisco - China Town Revisited

15-08-2013 Hits:3903 Romantic Getaways Ricki Lee - avatar Ricki Lee

I think China Town in San Francisco has to be about my favorite place in the whole world, not just because of the delightful shopping and food, but because of...

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Panasonic's W5 Toughbook

10-08-2013 Hits:6515 Computers Jessica Nicole - avatar Jessica Nicole

From the moment I laid eyes on Panasonic’s CF-W5 Toughbook I was in heaven. Having previously owned a 17” 12lb laptop I constantly had to lug the thing around from...

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T-mobile's Motorola RIZR Z3

09-08-2013 Hits:6519 Cell Phones Jessica Nicole - avatar Jessica Nicole

The Motorola RIZR Z3 by T-mobile is a lightweight, fairly priced, stylish device. Weighing in at just under four ounces, while still a slim phone, the RIZR Z3 is a...

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Cirque du Soleil "La Nouba"

09-08-2013 Hits:5416 Concerts Jessica Nicole - avatar Jessica Nicole

From start to finish Cirque du Soleils "La Nouba" is saturated with riveting, jaw-dropping performances. The show is housed in a glowing "Big Top" theater in the heart of Downtown...

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Concord 5340z Digital Camera

01-08-2013 Hits:4573 Cameras Jessica Nicole - avatar Jessica Nicole

Most of all, the Concord’s 5340z digital camera impressed me with it’s ease of use. The instruction manual, although brief, was easy to read and understand. Because of the idiot...

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