SAITEK Cyborg Commander Unit

saitek-commandunit-tn.gifI enjoyed using the Commander Unit immensely. The device was sturdy, very comfortable and had a natural feel. It works extremely well with a notebook pc that lacks a number pad. The devise was easily recognized by my notebook running the XP window operating system. There are enough buttons to assign a multitude of commands, even for my most intensive RTS (Real Time Strategy) games.


saitek-commandunit-200w.gifThis Commander Unit has a 20 program feature, a three mode switch, and a four way analog stick on the right that can extend or retract. The keys on this device are also back lit. It connects by using a USB port. It also has grip pad feet to keep from sliding across the table. The buttons were very responsive and did not hurt my fingers even after an extensive session. The backlit keys were a nice touch when playing in a low lighted area and added to the coolness factor. The analog stick was the only issue I had, it seemed to be a little out of place.  A diagram on the proper technique and hand position would be helpful. It would be nice if the analog stick was eight inches away instead of four, allowing you to move at an angle.  Overall this device had an easy setup and worked very well especially for any notebook users who lack a full keyboard.

PROS: Versatile

CONS: Analog Stick positing.