SAITEK Cyborg 5.1 Gaming Headset

saitekheadset.gifThe Saitek Cyborg 5.1 is a gaming headset that which is also great for home audio and video entertainment, any audio source that is Dolby 5.1 compatible. We tested it with a PSP and Nintendo DS and a Windows Vista computer and were amazed by the simulated surround sound produced by this headset.

This headset has a standard audio headphone jack, a Mic jack as well as a USB jack USED for 5.1 sound and the lights the headset uses to highlight the left and right headphones. The headphone cups are padded and have three speakers imbedded into the cup to give the surround sound experience. The cups can twist individually about 90 degrees one way and fits quite comfortably over the ear. It has a small remote control attached between the headset and the jacks.

saitekcyborg_incase.gifThe control pad has controls to switch between 5.1 sound and stereo formats. For the stereo mode the sound can be raised or lowered by a wheel located on the side of the control pad and for the 5.1 mode has two buttons to raise or lower the sound. It also has a Mic stick that can be attached or removed from the base of the left ear cup.

The sound quality was incredible. I used the headset on my PC for gaming music and movies. I also had the chance to use it on other devises such as my MP3 player PSP and Nintendo DS. When I used the headset with PC, it was easily recognized by my PC. No drivers were needed to use this device. It worked well with both XP and Vista window operating systems. I used the headset to watch the Disney Pixar movie CARS with the 5.1 surround sound feature. The movie sounded great. I was able to follow the sound from one ear to the other and it felt as though I could hear the sound coming from behind to the front. Which I was greatly impressed with to hear from a headset.

I also used it to listen to music stored on PC using windows media WMA files. The music came through very well and I was able to hear it with great clarity. When I listened to music thru Apple’s Tunes some of the heavier BASS sound modes distorted the music. The volume had to be turned down in order to listen to the music in these modes. When the volume was turned up to MAX levels in any mode Stereo or in 5.1 there seemed to be a background noise that would go away when you turned the headset one click down.

When I used the headset for gaming and I played WOW (World of Warcraft), I could hear everyone in my guild quite well and the in game sound was good and clear.  I also had a chance to use the headset on my other devises e.g. (PSP Nintendo DS and MP3 player) I was only able to use the stereo mode with these devises and the sound was still great and very clear. Unlike other over the ear headsets I have used, I was able to use this one for hours on end comfortably.  The mic stick would have been easier to use if was more flexible.  When I could get the mic into the sweet spot (usually by holding it),  there was no outside noise and my friends were able to hear me quite well. 

Overall this headset worked quite well and would recommend them to all of my friends.

Pros: Had great surround sound for music movies and games.

Cons: Better microphone design, better BASS sound