Cirque du Soleil "La Nouba"

cirque.jpgFrom start to finish Cirque du Soleils "La Nouba" is saturated with riveting, jaw-dropping performances. The show is housed in a glowing "Big Top" theater in the heart of Downtown Disney, Florida. The nostalgic edifice sets a playful and enchanting mood right from the beginning. To my surprise and delight, the auditorium is much smaller than I expected, having a capacity of 1671 people making for a very intimate setting; almost any seat is a good seat in this house.

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Cavalia - Cirque du Equestrine

The most mesmerizing Las Vegas supershow in isn't in Las Vegas at all, at least not yet... Yes, we are speaking of Cavalia, the equestrine version of Cirque du Soleil, which has had a long and sucessful run touring North America under what they claim is the the largest touring tent in this hemisphere.  We have had the opportunity to review Cavalia twice and like a good mystery novel, it's even better the second time. 

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Dr. Phil's Get Real Tour

My husband came along kicking and screaming like a baby. He said that the last person in the world he ever wanted to see on stage was Dr Phil, but I wanted an opinion from someone who had never seen the him on TV. And there we were, 4,000 screaming fans, three of which were men, Dr. Phil, the cameraman, and my dutiful husband.

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