T-Mobile Dash: Weak PDA or Powerful Phone?

T-Moblie's newest phone suffers a bit from being caught in the middle of the road a bit. As a phone, it is enormously powerful and maybe a bit too complex, and as a PDA, it is very slow and weak on features. Therefore, both previous PDA users and existing flip-phone users are likely to find something wrong with this device. For our purposes, we are going to consider the Dash to be a very powerful phone, with tons of features you can't find on any other phone, and a bit of learning curve to go with it.

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LG CE110 Cell Phone

ce110_folded80x100.jpgThe LG CE110 is a sporty, lightweight, slim phone targeted at a young generation of cell phone user who are expecting new features in a flip phone. Most would consider the LG CE110 to be a “starter phone” due to its low resolution photo quality. This basic camera phone is a pretty affordable phone. It has some nice features such as Bluetooth and instant messaging. 

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Nokia E62 Gets Our Nod for Best Internet Phone

The Nokia E62's big-button full QWERTY keyboard makes it one of our favorite PDA phones, and while the processor is a bit slow and the operating system takes a some getting used to, we think that the best-in-breed web browser more than makes up for this phone's short-comings. What makes this web-browser so amazing is their large screen and the ability to surf full-sized web pages while zooming and panning with the greatest of ease.

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T-mobile's Motorola RIZR Z3

motorola-rizr-z3-angle.jpgThe Motorola RIZR Z3 by T-mobile is a lightweight, fairly priced, stylish device. Weighing in at just under four ounces, while still a slim phone, the RIZR Z3 is a bit sturdier then the RAZR phone. Its added thickness provides a greater sense of reliability, and its front sliding mechanism is trendy and makes the phone's options more readily available, but in doing so, it also leaves the face of the phone subject to the hazards of daily life.


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