Fit Bit

fitbit-charger-80w.jpgThe FitBit Tracker is a very small health and fitness monitoring device designed to track your fitness and health activities 24 hours a day.  The device, designed to clamp over a belt or purse or to any piece of clothing, was created for 24-hour a day, 7 day a week wear, and includes interesting daytime and nighttime monitoring features.

The size of a small pocket knife, this device tracks and wirelessly uploads data about all of your activities, with detailed statistics on excercise intensity, calories burned, number of steps and distance travelled, and even information about the quantity and quality of your sleep.

At night, the device plugs into an unobtrusive wristband which monitors how long it takes you to fall asleep, the time and length of REM sleep, how often you wake up and how long it takes you to wake up in the morning.

During the day, a 3D motion sensor like the ones used in the Nintendo Wii, and records data about all of your movements, including a pedometer counter that has a margin of error of less than 3% without any programming.

A small LCD display on the device provides daily data on calories, steps and distance, and a changing avatar indicates the owner's progress toward their goals.

Included is a charging base station which wirelessly receives data from the FitBit and transmits it to the internet where you can add nutritional information and get detailed reports on your daily and cummulative activities.  The device will need to be charged about every 10 days.

The FitBit Tracker will be available by the end of the year for $99, and the website services are included for free.  For more information, visit