Swissbit Victorinox USB Swiss Army Knife

On the very top of our 2006 Gadget Gals favorite gift list is the Victorinox USB Knife by Swissbit of Switzerland. This product marks the first time that a "real" Swiss Army Knife has been equipped with a USB Memory, and the very first Victorinox knife to find universal appeal among both men and women.

I have had this item in my purse for less than a week, and I have already found occasion to use almost every feature. Twice, I used the pop-out pen when I couldn't find a pen to leave a note. I used the LED light to install a screw on my computer (although I wish the light was white instead of red). I used the USB drive to copy a file to take to Kinko's, and the knife to open a package, and the scissors to cut a tag off new clothes. The only feature I haven't used is the nail file, but I have used the screwdriver on the end of the nail file.

The USB 2.0 thumb drive on the Victorinox comes with between 128 MB and 2 GB of memory, and it is removable from the main unit. I had to remove mine in order to insert the drive into the back of my computer, and it was a snap (although somewhat less easy to reinstall). I imagine that the ability to remove the USB drive is also important when you want to take the device on a plane (keep the USB drive with you, but check the rest), although there is a plane version with no knife or scissors.

The Swissbit SwissMemory Victorinox is available now at retail outlets. For more information, visit: